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Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital offers eye surgery services that are unsurpassed by any medical institution in Brooklyn, under the clinical leadership of highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologists.

Cataract surgery is performed routinely with state-of-the-art equipment by the patient’s own board-certified attending eye surgeon in a comfortable and supportive environment.

The NYCH eye service is one the most advanced in the Borough, and employs advanced techniques for the management of complex ophthalmic disorders, including Glaucoma and other conditions of the cornea, vitreous and retina.

Our eye surgeons are now offering multifocal intraocular lenses which give patients complete freedom from glasses following cataract surgery

For corneal transplants a DSAEK endothelial technique is used, and outstanding outcomes are being achieved, including faster healing and reduced rejection. Oculoplastic and orbital surgery are also available.

The hospital provides transport to and from the patient’s home for all ambulatory procedures. Patients no longer need to leave Brooklyn for advanced sub-specialty eye care.