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Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital provides both hospital and physician services to all patients seen in the following settings of the hospital: inpatient care, emergency services, ambulatory surgery, and referred outpatient. All of these patients, regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, socio-economic or immigrant status, sexual orientation or religious affiliations, may be eligible for financial aid. Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital is committed to treating all patients fairly, with dignity, and with respect.

Financial aid is not intended to be a substitute for existing government entitlement or other assistance programs. Based on the individual circumstances of each patient, every reasonable effort will be made to explore appropriate alternative sources of payment and coverage from third parties, and other public and private programs, to allow Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital to provide care to persons in need without other payment alternatives.

The availability of financial aid does not eliminate personal responsibility. Eligible patients are required, whenever possible, to access public or private insurance options, and are expected to contribute to their care based on their individual ability to pay.
Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital will employ a consistent process to consider an individual’s need for financial aid based on that individual’s documented demonstration that the charges for services provided cannot be covered by another payment source and that (s) he is unable to pay for those services.

Patients are deemed elective or non-elective. The elective patient is screened prior to service to determine ability to meet the financial requirements of the hospital. The non-elective patient (the vast majority seen in the hospital) will be treated at the hospital regardless of their ability to pay for services at the time they are rendered.

Information about this policy is made available in Registration areas of Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital.

Also, our Financial Assistance policy summary and Financial Assistance application will be provided to anyone who calls, writes, or requests a copy in person.

Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital is proud to provide quality care to all who are in need regardless of their ability to pay.

For more information about the hospital’s financial aid program, you may contact us at :718-692-5334/5 or call our toll free numbers at the offsite Financial Aid Department:
Inpatient – (866) 822-5576
Outpatient- (866) 252-0101