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One of the common urologic disorders is nephrolithiasis or ureterolithiasis – or stone in the kidney or ureter. While surgery is necessary in some patients, many others with these conditions can be managed with ESWL

Provided through a contract with GNY Lithotripsy LLC and Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital, and using a Dornier Delta lithotripter, many stones can be broken up by painless external sound waves. Patients lie on a water-filled cushion and ultrasound is used to precisely locate the stones, which are then subjected to focused high energy sound waves.

The service is available to all members of our Urology staff, who have special training and certification to perform this procedure.

External Shock-Wave Lithotripsy is available, when indicated, for the management of stones in the kidneys or urinary tract

Lithotripsy is a painless, non-invasive technique for dissolving stones, which often eliminates the need for hospital admission and surgery.

The NYCH lithotripsy service is located in a comfortable, patient-friendly facility, which is available for use by all the members of the division of urology