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Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital offers an outstanding pain management program for patients with acute and chronic pain syndromes..

After careful evaluation to ensure appropriateness and medical necessity, the Pain Management division offer selected patients precisely targeted epidural or sub-dural injections that provide excellent results in most cases.

Procedures are performed on an ambulatory basis in a convenient and pleasant environment supported by well-trained and friendly staff. Patient satisfaction scores have been high, and many patients have expressed their gratitude for the kindness of the staff.

There are many possible causes of pain. However, a very common cause is a herniated or bulging disc. Studies have shown that the pain caused by herniated or bulging disc can be due to leakage of its contents. This causes inflammation within the spinal canal and irritates the nerves that go to the arms or legs causing neck or back pain, sciatica and muscle spasm.

By doing an Epidural Injection, the inflammation can be neutralized. In most cases, the pain is relieved. The earlier the epidural is done, the higher the chance of success. If not treated early, people who are over 65 years old have a higher tendency to develop severe prolonged pain for many years.

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