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With outcomes that compare favorably with major academic medical centers, our board-certified physicians manage cardiac problems ranging from heart attacks requiring urgent thrombolytic (“clot buster”) therapy, to life-threatening arrhythmias treated with external or implantable pacemakers.

The cardiology department at Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital also offers a wide range of diagnostic procedures, from trans-esophageal sonography to nuclear cardiology studies.

Patients requiring other types of emergency or urgent cardiac intervention are transferred immediately to the cardiac catheterization laboratory or the Department of Cardiac Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital with which Maimonides Midwood Community Hospital is closely affiliated.

For more information on our cardiology services, call our main number at 718-692-5300 or 1-888-692-4463.

Steve Nozad, MD

Director of Medicine and Chief of Cardiology

Keshwar Ramikissoon, MD

Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology